Saturday, February 13, 2010

Mardi Gras Parade #1 Saturday

After feeding Renee and eating breakfast this morning we left for Youngsville (close to Lafayette).   For those that have been here with us before, remember when we went to Lafayette, and went on what Jess and Floyd called the short cut - where you turned off Hwy 90, we went straight ahead on the tar road, instead of turning right after the first 2 miles.  That bring us to Youngsville, and it is a little town like Nevis.  We parked at a hunting friend's little burger joint on the main drag.  They had a DJ playing loud music the whole day.  We got there at 9:30 AM to have a place for the 1 PM parade!!!!!!!!!   It was a bright sunny and chilly day today.  Jessica got a good sun/wind burn and little Renee has pretty pink cheeks too.  In the morning we were on the shady side of the street, and we didn't have her in the sun too much, but with a little one and tender skin, it doesn't take much.  When she slept she was in her stroller all covered up from the breeze and sun.  We ate 1/3 lb burgers (rather spicy) - but really good and juicy.  A lot of people brought their own grills and set up on the parade route as early as we were, and cooked for their own party of people.  The parade started about 1:15 PM and lasted til about 2:30 PM  - BEADS every where!    "Hey Mister, Throw me something!"  and   "WHO DAT!"  Everyone shouted!  I tried to get pictures of the beads flying through the air -  Some were thrown out in bunches!   There was even one float that was playing the music of that guy that tried out on American Idol - "Pants On The Ground"!  Of course, everyone chimed in and sang along! Twas fun!

Don't you love this Buck?!?!?

We tried to get someone to throw us BIG beads like that guy has on!

Eating her carrots and cereal  supper!
We got home about 3:30 PM and after her supper and bottle and bath, Renee is now SOUND asleep!  Jess and Floyd have company over, and I'm busy getting this done and checking on Renee every once in awhile.  I hope her big day out won't to be too disrupting for her.  She is such a good baby.  You know when she is tired and hungry.  That's about the only time she gets fussy.  Her teeth are bothering her again, as she is slobbering more and sucking on her bottom lip and biting everything she can.  You can see that her bottom gum has two white bumps! 

We are going to another parade on Fat Tuesday in Lydia.  This little town is like Osage, and the parade is just as good as the one we went to today!  Also to a costume contest, I think on Monday.  More pictures will be coming.  I think I'll be really tired on the way home Wednesday!



Rae said...

Renee is a real cutie. I bet you are enjoying every minute of your grandma time with her. She looks like a sweetie to cuddle with. The parade looks like a lot of fun. And best of all - no snow there.

Growing Up A Country Girl said...

What a little sweetie - I sure could a good squeeze from her! Love you Renee! Your weather sounds wonderful although our day yesterday was beautiful --- snowmobiled 85 miles! -- we are acting like we are on vacation this long weekend!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Looks like fun in the sun!!:)

Country Whispers said...

Look slike you are having a great time and I bet you are thoroughly enjoying every minute with Renee.

g said...

Everyone looks great spending the day in the sun and breeze. Nice pic of all of you. Maybe you would have gotten those beads know.... hahah.
Renee looks so beautiful and healthy, it brings tears to both of us thinking back at her early days, she has come so far and gone through so much. We are so thankful for her and mom Jess's health. We are so thankful for that beautiful family. Looks like 'you all' had sooo much fun. Renee looks like she has grown alot. Enjoy your visit, grandma Jo. Love to all...g