Sunday, February 28, 2010

So Tired of Winter!

We've had a beautiful winter, but I'm ready for spring!  Not the mud that I know will be around a couple of weeks, but for something green to grow!  I've been in a blogging rut, not knowing what to write about.  I'm busy every day, but it seems kind of boring.  Busy sewing, and nothing finished yet.  Had some computer problems, having to drive to Fargo two days in a row.  We did get a new car, bigger that the Rav4 we had.  The seats in the Rav4 weren't comfortable for hubby when driving very far.  When we'd gotten the Rav4, we'd downsized, so now we just upsized again!  The new SUV rides like a dream!  It will be great for our driving south to see kids. 

Just before my trip south, my Christmas Cactus started to bud.  Here are some pictures of the flowers on it now. 

There are more buds coming, so there will be some color on this plant for awhile!  Now why couldn't it flower at Christmas time?  I bought it last year from  Amanda (grand daughter) as they were selling them for a fund raiser for her high school choir before the holidays.  She brought it home to me when it was below zero, and the buds it had on it then, froze and fell off.  I was about to get rid of the plant before this Christmas, because I was thinking it was a lost cause to flower.  But patience prevailed!  Now it's a keeper, and I guess it will just flower when it is good and ready too!  Must be once a year that it flowers.   I really don't know too much about these plants; when will it flower again; and after the flowers drop or get pinched off do  I need to put it somewhere to rest; should it be replanted, or do they like to be root bound, etc.  I'll learn as I go.  Maybe I should find some info to read up on these plants.  It's been sitting in my sewing room all winter with  south filtered sun  coming through blinds that are pulled down.  Now I moved it to the living room so we can enjoy the flowering, but I;m wondering if that move may not be the best.  Now it will get filtered sun from the East.  Is that enough?   I will have to watch it closely and see.  I know that some people have had their Christmas Cactus plants for many years.  Hopefully I'll be able to keep this one without killing it too.

This is how I'll enjoy some green and color for awhile!

Have a Great Sunday!  It's a nice sunny day here and the temperture is in the low 20's.  The end of February, March coming in like a Lamb!  We can still get a lot of snow in this area through March and April, but hopefully, the temperatures won't go below zero any more.    Come on Spring!


Rae said...

I am with you on being ready for spring. Your cactus is really pretty. I used to grow them. I would put them in a cool dark place at the end of October, then bring them into bright, but filtered sunlight a few weeks before Christmas. They would bud and bloom just in time for the holiday.

Country Whispers said...

I'm with you too!
Can't wait for the Spring to hurry up and get here, yet with all this snow I know we will be in MUD forever.

~Tonya said...

We all WANT SPRING! Don't we. I am so loving the SUN SHINING so brightly lately sure helps.

New wheels eh? I am sure they ride like a dream. My Mom has a cactus like that too, patience is the key, but they are beautiful.

Have a beautiful Sunday.

Buttercup said...

I think I get impatient every year, just about this time. Some years when I've been somewhere warm for a week or more, it seems to go a little better. This year with slush and leaking boots, I am just counting the days to warmer weather. I do love the spring and enjoy every day of it.
I like your blog - photos, family and a life that's different from mine and interesting.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Ya what Rae said! I always kill those plants..and mine never much for my green thumb! My moms have been flowering from just before Christmas..and were still blooming the other day..she has them in her east window too on fancy fern stands cause they are huge. I want spring to come too..I was outside today in just a T shirt!! :)

Anonymous said...

jolynn-your cactus is beautiful-it sounds and looks like your taking care of it the right way-after they bloom it needs to rest to set new blooms and you do that by keeping it in a darker room-cool,too. it does like to be root bound-produces more blooms when it is-if bloom production lessens then it might be ready for a bigger pot---filtered sun is good when blooming-doesn't like direct sun-enjoy-vern

Sandra said...

Glad you upsized your SUV; those RAV4's are frighteningly small. The Christmas cactus is beautiful; perhaps it needs some food...? Mine never blooms at Christmas but other times throughout the year, reminding me Christmas in in my heart.
Thanks for visiting Thistle Cove Farm; it lead me back here!

City girl turned Country Girl said...

OH I love flowering cactus!! I got my Granny one for Christmas many years ago! She had that thing forever, it just kept blooming and blooming!! Then she decided one summer to let it have some sun outside...Killed it! So I got her another one this past Christmas LOL!!

Awesome about the new SUV!! I too wish Spring would come!!