Sunday, February 21, 2010

Our First Daughter's Birthday!

Happy Birthday Leah!

February 21, 1967 - a wonderful little girl was born.  In looking for pictures, I remember I gave Leah a few photo albums with her pictures, so right now I couldn't find all the pictures I could  show you.  Here is a picture of her on her baptism day, April 16, 1967 with my mother, father and my sister Georgia. 

December 1968 - With me - almost a year old!  She's so beautiful - then and now!

This was in April of 1969 - two years old!  She loved to push her stuffed animals or Grandma Helga's dog in her bugggy.

Two years old - one of my most favorite pictures of Leah!

Here she is in 1976 in 4th grade!  Freckles, crooked teeth and all!  I couldn't find a picture now with her in braces. 

And as a young girl - with her best friend and the wind in her hair!  She would ride Curly Jo every day.



Growing Up A Country Girl said...

Thank you - wow you still have lots of pictures there- it has been so much fun to go thru these oldies! I didn't say "oldies"!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Great photos! Happy Birthday Leah! Oh I love the one of her and you in 1968..beautiful..both of you! :)

g said...

What a blessing Leah is...then and now. Wasn't she a pretty little gal? I love the old tiger having a buggy ride, she looks like she was up to something at that time!

Doesn't Dad look proud of her? He truely loved her; sure had a soft spot in his heart for her. Sorry he didn't get a chance to met the other girls, he would be so proud of them; and for sure the grandkids. Mom would have loved them with all her heart.

Happy Birthday Leah, we love you and happy birthdate, Jo...we love you all.

Rae said...

They are all wonderful photos. The one of you two in 68 is really beautiful. Happy Birthday Leah.