Saturday, February 20, 2010

Mardi Gras Parade #2 on Fat Tuesday!

The last for Mardi Gras on Fat Tuesday.  We attended our second parade in little Grand Marais.  This little town is very small, but they put on a nice parade for area families.  Not over crowded like New Orleans, or other big cities.  No garbage left behind.  Everyone friendly.  The day started out very chilly, and windy.  We put up a pop up tent, and tied a sheet to block the wind on one side of the tent.  We didn't want Renee to get wind or sun burned.  It was chilly enough to keep our jackets on the whole time.  We got there about 11 am for a 1 pm parade.  Jess and Floyds friends were all parked here together and we had a great time. 
These were some costume winners from the previous nights contest.  They couldn't wear all their headresses, etc. because it was too windy.

Renee with her crown, Floyd and Jessica.

There were some very big floats, double decks, and so many beads thrown.  We collected ours all together after the parade and Jessica will be donating them to the local Goodwill.  They sort them out and repackage them for next years parade.  I was glad to hear that they are recycled!
They also throw out Mardi Gras cups, footballs and stuffed animals.


Growing Up A Country Girl said...

Beautiful floats.... and so many beads and stuff... Looks like fun!

Buttercup said...

What fun! Renee looks absolutely adorable. Thanks for sharing.

g said...

Looks like you guys had a great time. Sooo many beads! Your header picture is WONDERFUL