Friday, August 20, 2010

Babies and More

Sister in law and her granddaughters came over yesterday for me to help the older girl with learning how to crochet.  She can make a very good chain, but struggled with getting the single crochet.  With some practice she'll do great.  Before they left, the girls wanted to see the baby pigs.  They are so cute. 

The girls didn't want to hold them-petting was enough. 

At this age (less than a week) they are so soft.

Getting ready for the state fair. 
Next Friday granddaughter Amanda will be showing her pig at the MN State Fair.  Her last year.  Last of an era!   Now the other kids in the county will be saying - "So glad the Nilson families are all done!"  Our girls and grand kids have done very well at the county fair and state fairs throughout the past years.  For me, I'm having the same feelings like I did when the last daughter graduated and was leaving the nest.  Makes me teary eyed!  After this year, won't have the need to go to the state fair 4-H show; but I bet we may go down to watch other local kids that have bought pigs from us.  But it won't be the same for me.
We have had so many good years with our girls and Blake and Amanda.  4-H events, fairs, and open class showes have been our family time to get together.  I'm sure daughter Leah and I will both have some good pictures from the state fair to share with you all next week.

Another picture of Odda with her sore nose.  She and Hooch have been digging under things, and her big nose is getting scraped and cut.  Now is scabby and sore.  Not so pretty in pictures until her nose heals up.

I've been so busy this week, mowing between rain showers.  Have cut out flannel for a new quilt.  Those pictures to come. Tomorrow, Sat. I get to take Odda to town for make up date for testing for CGC (Canine Good Citizen).  We were out of town on the original date.  I sure hope she passes.

Hope you all have a great weekend.  jo


misslynda said...

Fun pictures - - especially the looks on the dogs' faces as they are looking at and sniffing the adorable baby pigs. I am not sure if they are curious or want to "enjoy" them a bit more!
Time with the children goes sooooo fast. I wish my husband and I had really listened when people told us that so we could have cherished it a bit more.

Country Whispers said...

Those pigs are adorable. I'd definitely have to hold them and not just pet them. I simply couldn't resist.
Different story as they grow though!

Sybil said...

What I would give to be living near you...just to see these adorable little pigs and nurse them...It is sad that this will be your last show...the years just seem to fly by so quickly. However enjoy this one and I look forward to seeing the photographs.
Love Sybil I have added a page to my blog tonight xx

Sharon said...

Those piggies are sure cute when they are little.
I hope the Odda passes her test tomorrow.
Yes, the years do seem to fly by.
I hope that your granddaughter does well at the state fair.
Have a great weekend.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Oh I hope Odda does good..she can do it all..but will she? better have a good talk with her all the way to town. You know I love the baby pigs..they are so darn cute! I know you are sad about the end of this need Great Grands to carry on! Blake better get married soon! :)

g said...

Cute pics of piglets...I think the girls enjoyed them alot. Yep, your family has done a wonderful job showing and caring for their pigs and livestock throughout the years...KUDOS to you and your hubby for the inspiration to the kids. Job well done. Amanda will do great at the s.f. Am anxious to see your pics. Odda will do just fine...go girl Odda...(and please quit hurting your cute little nose!)