Thursday, August 5, 2010

A try at a New Crop

Hubby planted field peas this year to substitute for soy meal when he will be grinding feed this winter.  He has friends that use peas in with their hog feed and it works out for them, so he thought he'd give it a try.   Steve planted only about 20 acres so don't know how long it'll last for the few pigs we have, but he sure has had fun planning, planting and now son in law cut them tonight.  There sure are a lot of weeds in the field tho, so they'll have to dry up before combining the peas.  I had meant to take a picture of the pea plant earlier when they were blooming, but didn't get that done.  We sure did have the neighbors baffled and guessing what was planted.  No one else around here plants peas. 
The pea pods are very dry, and just touching them, they open and the peas fall out.  So after the weeds dry up, combining should go great - if the deer don't eat them all!

Leah rode Ace over to check out the field too.  It was such a nice evening for a ride.

You can see all the weeds that are green!  With all this good rain we've had this summer everything grew!  Now we wait a day or two for the weeds to dry up.

View of our windmill from the field. 

Then after I got back in the yard, our friend backed in with this combine.  Tomorrow (Thursday) he will be combining the oats and barley. 
End of a busy day, and this was pre-sunset.  Very pretty.


Sybil said...

That was a good busy productive day you all had. Hope the hogs appreciate the peas !!
glad that the wetaher has remained dry for the harvesting.
Sybil x

Anonymous said...

That last photo is so pretty! You are surrounded by such beauty. Hope you have a great day.

Sharon said...

I have never heard of anyone giving peas to pigs.
I sure thought your photos were beautiful.
have a great day

Growing Up A Country Girl said...

It was a perfect night -- the weather was beautiful..

Buttercup said...

Thanks for sharing country life. I love seeing the lives of my blog friends around the country and the world.