Saturday, August 28, 2010

Watermellon Boy!

We were at the Minnesota State Fair yesterday - watched granddaughter Amanda show her pig and other kids from our local 4-H Club.  A long day, as we had driven the 4 hour drive on Thursday evening, getting to Sister-In-Law's home about 10:30 pm, and then up early to go to the fair.  Had to get up at 4:30 am, to be there before 7 am.  Watched the swine show, and ate lunch (a big cinnamon roll!) and walked around with daughter Leah and Amanda.  I have always bought the kids some clothing from Farm Boy/Girl booth, as they have loved their apparel and it's my treat to get them something they can wear to school. 
Here is Watermellon Boy!   Amanda was wishing he was there for real!  So many people were looking at him, (older people too).  Amanda kind of wanted her picture taken, but didn't want to do it in front of anyone, but we finally got a picture!  I kept telling her to get closer - but she wasn't having any of that.  But after we got done, she said she was going to post her pic with Watermellon Boy on her facebook page!
Note, the old boots she is wearing - with shorts.  She changed out of her show clothes, but left her boots on!  A true farm girl!
We laughed at this couple.  We couldn't hear what they were talking about, but they were having a good discussion about Watermellon Boy!  Maybe they really knew him!

You can't see it good, but Amanda fed her pig a marshmellow after they got done showing.  In fact, her pig got two marshmellows!  I just didn't get a good picture.  He sure liked his treat!

Amanda showing her pig.  Competition was very tough.  She did just fine, but didn't get into the top pens.
After our walking around and working our way to see the things we wanted too, we headed back to the barns.  We left the fairgrounds at 2:30 and got home about 7 pm.  We didn't have anyone to do evening chores, so had to get home to get them done.  A long day.
This crowd was on Friday afternoon.  Today on Saturday, it will be even worse.  Glad I'm now home where it's nice and quiet!


misslynda said...

The boots with the shorts - - - it is a popular look around here, too. We see girls in cute sun dresses - - - wearing boots rather than sandals. You are good grandparents to drive a distance and be supportive of Amanda. She is fortunate to have you close enough to be with her.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures of Amanda and her pig. That's cute that he likes marshmallows! That's great that she has the photo of Watermelon Boy!
That is some kind of crowd. Glad you are back home safe where it is quiet but I know you are so proud of Amanda.

Far Side of Fifty said...

She is cute in whatever she wears! Looks like lots of people there..I am glad you had a good time:)

Cyndi said...

Amanda is cute as can be. And I can see why she wished Watermelon Boy was real...he's pretty cute, too! :o)

Glad she did well with her pig despite not getting in the top pens...and how sweet that he got marshmallows as a treat!

Have a great rest of the weekend!



shannon i olson said...

you know what? we fed alligators marshmallows in Mississippi, they like them too. and watermelon saying ;-) shhh!

shannon i olson said...

Hi I replied on my own post so as not to spam you with more comments....uh except this one. ;-)