Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Pea Pickin is done!

This is the storage shed that was built to hold the peas that were combined this afternoon, just before the rain came again.  Look at the dust in the air.  Combining and working the fields is a dusty job.
This is Steve's first pea crop, and he's glad to now have it in storage before another rain came.  It's been hard to have cut hay / grain / or these peas laying on the ground trying to dry out because we've had so many days of humid  weather, with rain showers every couple of days.  The black specks is some of the weeds that were broke up and went through the combine too.  Now next year Steve knows that he'll need to do something about the weeds.
Here the combine is unloading peas. 

Just to the west of us, it was getting real hazy and getting heavy and darker.  It wasn't 20 mintues after unloading all the peas that it started to sprinkle and it rained good for about 2 hours.  Now as I'm sitting here writing this, I hear the crickets and frogs outside.  They must be happy for the moisture!!!!!!!!
Spose I'll need to mow the yard again here by Wednesday.
Tomorrow I'm spending the day with friends that I used to work with that live about 2 hours from me.  We are meeting in the morning and going quilt shop hopping and out for lunch!  Should be fun.

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Far Side of Fifty said...

I won't ask what you bought at the Quilt Shops! I hope all the peas fit in that new pea bin..glad the pea pickin is over! :)