Sunday, August 15, 2010

I want to make this!

Today we attended our annual get together with our friends that also raise hogs.  We have a picnic and an afternoon of visiting at Bill and Kathy's cabin on Twin Lake.  Of course, just like in school, the guys all sit together talking "pig talk" and us girls talk about everything else but pigs!  We all catch up on where our adult kids are now and all the grand babies.   Then we walked to the neighbors house; as the women there had gotten together and made bird baths out of rhubarb leaves and hosta leaves.
Isn't this awesome!  These were dried and see the one with the green leaf still there.  The green needs to be peeled out, and then they paint it and seal it.  When they started the girls made mounds of wet sand in the form of how they wanted the leaf to look, or how deep etc.  Drape plastic sheeting over the mound of sand, and then lay the leaf face down on top of the sand.  They used sandcrete, and mixed it to a consistency of a brownie mix.  Once the leaf is covered with about 3/4 inch thick sandcrete in the middle of leaf, and at the edge about 1/4 inch thick; they said you then cover the leaf with plastic wrap and if it's really hot outdoors, put a piece of moist burlap over the plastic so the concrete dries evenly.  Giving it about 48 hours to dry.
After all dry, and removing the plastic, turning the concrete leaf over, you then peel of the second sheet of plastic and start pulling out the leaf.  They were using dental tools to get the veins of the leaf out of the cement.  You then need to let it cure for a day or so before painting.    If you don't want a painted leaf, you can seal it with Thompson's Water Seal. 

In process of peeling out the leaf on this one.  Guess that takes awhile.

Oh I didn't get all of Cindy in the picture!  But this is how she will have her's in her garden.  When her sandcrete was wet, she turned her little bike upside down and pressed it into the forming leaf.  It made indentations so it fits nicely on the bike.  Won't that be cute after her leaf is all painted and sealed!

Here's one all painted on one side.  Sharon painted it all green first, and then rubbed on a little yellow and red to give it a variation.  Looks good to me!
Sharon said you can go to this web site for the directions:
then click on WebExtras.
Think I need to make some.   Now to town to get supplies. 
Have a great week everyone!


Growing Up A Country Girl said...

Ohhh that made your day! Cool! -- Are you off to find supplies tomorrow!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Cool, I bet you still have some rhubarb leaves left too..looks like a fun project to me! :)

Anonymous said...

What a unique and fun idea. I love these!

shannon i olson said...

OH I have wanted to make those too......for years, Lazy I guess. Maybe next year???

Sharon said...

Those are so cute, I would like to make one also.
Happy to hear what a fun day you girls had.

Betty said...

That is really creative and looks so good! I hope yours comes out just as nice.

misslynda said...

That's beautiful and a definite work of patience. Thanks for sharing it!

Country Gal said...

Looks great ! Nothing like getting creative !

Sybil said...

what a wonderful idea. You would have to have a lot of patience to get them "just right" though...Would love to see how you get on with yours.
Love Sybil