Sunday, August 1, 2010

Round Robin and Youth Auction

Amanda's pig thought he was at the races!  Got into the show ring, and ran willy-nilly!  

Then after the timer went off, Amanda moved to the next station and had to show and set up the lamb.  Throughout her livestock showing years, she hasn't showed sheep or cattle, so this round robin contest of showing the different animals has been the few times she has shown them.  Kids that have and show all the animals have a better chance of winning the round robbin showing contest.
Then rotated to show and set up the dairy steer. 
Ending with the beef steer.  After you show the animal and set them up, the judge for each animal asks you questions that relate to that breed of animal.  So you need to be knowledgeable about each animal too.
Amanda didn't win the over all round robin contest, but did have fun doing it. 
This year, all girls showed in the contest!  The girl in white that started out with the dairy steer won the contest this year.  This is the last year for three of the girls.  How time flies!  Seems like just yesterday when they were all so little out in that big show ring!

After the showmanship contest, was the youth auction.  Our fair has had a premium youth livestock auction for years.  One way for area businesses to help support the kids and their projects, and for the kids to have some money to put towards their next year project.
Here is a picture of one little girl that had her 3 fryer rabbits all in her apron!  So cute.  I help clerk so I'm not able to get pictures during the auction, but did grab it quick for this one!
The ringman couldn't get over how cute she and her bunnies were!  She got $200 for those bunnies!

Leah and Kelly taking in some payments as the auction ended.  Now I do the rest of the billing to the other bidders that didn't pay yesterday, and after all payments are in and cleared, I get the reports and info to the treasurer so he can make check out to the kids.   Then we're done for another year.  So now I better get busy on some of that paper work!  It'll take me a couple of days to get the billing letters and thank you letters all out.  Need to compile all the info into reports for all the members of the livestock auction committee too.  Have a great Sunday.  Weather is nice here and I also need to mow the yard again and Steve will be out cutting the barley and wheat, and needs to get another cutting of hay done too.  A busy week ahead of us.  Next weekend is my 45th class reunion and all school reunion.  We'll be having company stay here from Oklahoma, so much won't get done again next weekend!


Cyndi said...

Wow, what a busy weekend. I never really thought about how much work goes into putting on one of those shows and auctions! You definitely are a busy woman!

Amanda is a lovely young woman. And that little girl with the bunnies...too cute. What a priceless picture!



Buttercup said...

I'm awed by the girls' poise. What a great experience and the girl with the bunnies is adorable. Have a great time at reunion and with your company.