Saturday, January 1, 2011

3rd Ice Crystal Pic

Today with afternoon sun shinning on the door window.  I may even like this picture best.  This is the same window as yesterday's picture.  Look how it has reformed the pattern.
Oh the wonder of nature!

After our at least 12" of snow, we got another 6 - 7 " last night.  Steve was so tired from plower snow all day yesterday, that he didn't even stay up late to see the New Year in.  I broiled rib eye steaks for supper, so our tummy's were full.  The meat from our home grown steer is really good.  It's been a lazy day today.  Watched the Rose Bowl Parade, and have been working on a project for Jessica to hang on her school office wall.  A collage of news paper articles about her VB team and their winning the State VB Div 4 title.
Then I'll need to ship it to her.  Hope I'll be able to find a box, or make one.
Steve is waiting until tomorrow to plow again, as it is very windy here, and probably would just blow back in.  I'll show you pictures tomorrow of the snow banks he has created.


misslynda said...

Brrrrr! But I agree with you about the picture. It is even prettier than yesterday's. The steaks sound delicious and were a good reward for all the hard work with snow-clearing. A lazy, relaxing day is a good way to begin the new year!

Anonymous said...

That's a beautiful picture - the prettiest yet! I know the steaks were wonderful. We've had heavy rain today so we've been taking it easy inside too. Jessica will be thrilled with the project you are making for her.

Happy New Year.

gayle said...

I love you ice pictures! It's raining here today! Wish it was snow!

Sybil said...

Thanks for sharing these lovely pictures.. It reminded me of when I lived in Scotland our bedroom windows were often fozen over on the inside with these beatiful central heating in those days !!
Our New Years day dinner went well with our traditional Steak Pie...etc...But it must be wonderful to be able to eat your very own reared mouth is watering at the very thought..
Hope the rest of the clearing of the snow went well..And we thought we were bad with a paltry few ins. of snow !! mind you it did qickly freeze into ice !! and I was marooned !!!!
Love Sybil xx

Clyde said...

Beautiful image! Amazing what Mother Nature can paint. Definately 95% white.