Friday, January 21, 2011

c o l d enough for you!

Just on my way to bed and checked the temp for outside.  Can hardly believe it.
It is -36 degrees below F.    Way to cold.  Let Hooch outside to relieve himself.
Think his pee froze in mid air!  Poor dog, and he wanted to run around.  I stayed by the door and called him in right away.  No way was I going to have a dog shaking cold all night long.  I know he wanted to run around a little, but he would have just gotten too chilled. 
Why is it always colder when we have full moons?  The sky is clear, but it is suppose to cloud up - that means the temps will warm up a little.  Today we had some wind, so the wind chill was really cold.
I took some great pictures today, but need to make a disk of the card in camera, because when I went to download; instead of downloading just the new pictures of today, it wanted to download all 538 pictures AGAIN!   dah!  Think is just too cold for anything to work right.  Think I'll go to bed and just forget about pictures!


Sharon said...

I thought it was cold here at -3. We don't let our little guy stay out to long doing this jobs.
We got more snow last night and we are to get more through out the weekend. I have seen enough.
I keep telling myself, it is going to warm up someday SOON!!
Stay warm and have a great weekend


We are cold here today and windy -11 with out the wind chill with the wind chill it makes it feel like -20 thats below freezing brrr thats really cold arctic air that is ! We got snow last night as well its sunny today but the sunnier and clearer it is the colder ! Have a warm and wonderful day !

Rae said...

We aren't as cold as you, but we are below zero. After a certain point I don't think it makes much difference. It is just cold and miserable whatever the thermometers says.

Country Whispers said...

Brr.... now that is cold!
It's 14 here and that is plenty cold enough.
With the wind it feels even colder. The kids went out to play but returned quickly and said it's just too cold.
Stay warm!

Sybil said...

Gosh that sure is cold..We over here are on celcius nowadays so I never exactly know what the differences are. It was -4 Cel, here this morning and although it felt cold as we have had it cold for so long it didn't seem as bad as some mornings !! does that make any sense LOL (When my wee Dee goes out it is for a very quick wee as well !! he is a min. dashhound so you can just imagine how near to the ground he is with his wee legs !!!)
Spring is nearer now than start of winter !!
Love Sybil xx

Far Side of Fifty said...

-36..HA you are more North than us! I hope your barn pipes didn't freeze:)

misslynda said...

That is the kind of cold that makes a person just want to stay in bed with a good book and hope for someone else to cook the pot of soup. As I told Far Side, if you put a plus sign in front of your coldest temps, that was our high for today - - - which was too cold for many in this town!!!

Buttercup said...

It makes it warm here at 18 degrees, though when the wind gets going it is still very cold. I did observe tonight that it was light after 5:00 and that felt so good. Keep warm and cozy!