Wednesday, January 26, 2011

An Old Scottie!

Still cleaning and game across one of my most favorite toys when I was little.  Our dad made my sister and I each one, and it is one of the toys I've kept.  Our three girls played with him and some of his face pieces had been lost.  This was many years after my father had passed away, so my boss John W. made some replacement pieces for me.  He had bought my dad's table saw and some of his other wood working tools, so he was more than glad to make a few pieces. 

Dad  made and painted the face pieces on each side,  so that each piece has two different images.  They all fit inside "Scottie"! Dad painted our initals on the bottom - probably so we wouldn't fight over them!   Heaven forbid we would mix up the things!

His little tail is the handle to open and close the storage area!  Just the right size for little hands.

Lift out the bigger mouth pieces (there are 3) and you have all the eyes and ear pieces.

I love the dappled wiskers on the mouth pieces!  Or the round rosie cheeks!
I spose we got these in the early 50's, as I was born in 1947 and G was born in 1949.  I wonder what it cost to make!  Certainly not a lot, but love and time into making them! 

Dad was a great craftsman and made us girls a whole back yard play ground.  Had years of neighborhood fun in our back yard!  He also refinished the interior of our house.  It was a slow process, as I remember we always had some part of the house a mess in construction or in a remodeling mode.

Nothing like treasuring old toys.  I can't wait until the next time Renee comes home.  We'll have to get Scottie out again for her little hands to play with.  Some day, Scottie will be played with by great grandchildren too.

A nice day here in northern MN.  A balmy 32 above zero!!!!!!!!!!   Think I better get my walk done before I go to bell practice.  Have a great one!   Jo


Growing Up A Country Girl said...

So cute - I remember this guy!

Anonymous said...

Many an hour of playing with Scottie.
Haven't seen another like him anywhere.
Thinking back, we sure had some unique toys made by Dad and a wonderful wardrobe of clothes made by Mom-we were very lucky but didn't even realize it until years later.
Hmm...reminicing a little

Anonymous said...

Hi. I'll try again. Yes, I remember the back yard play ground. You had the tallest swing pole any where. And a wood teeter-totter and merry-go-round. And in the spring when it melted a lot and froze over, we could ice skate in your back yard. Nancy ended up strattleing a pine tree when she couldn't stop. In the summer we would roll down the hill between the 2 houses. And your mom made the best chocolate cake and Kool-aid. Then there was the long wait sitting on the side of the bathtub waiting for your turn. TMI? Yes, it was a fun place to play. And with friends. J in Wisc.

Darcie said...

That is the most amazing thing ever! How wonderful that you still have that, and your kids, and grandkids can still play with it. You dad would have been an amazing craftsman.


Thats wonderful you still have it. They just dont make great toys like that any more. I remember all the wooden hand made toys handed down to me from when I was a child! Great post and photos ! Have a good day !

Nezzy said...

What a perfectly precious toy made by your father's hands. I think it's just marvelous that your kids, grandkiddos and the great~grandkiddos will have the joy of playin' with this heirloom.

What a treasure!!! :o)

God bless and have a beautiful day!!! :o)

Far Side of Fifty said...

That is the cutest little Scottie..wonderful design..and yes Renee should play with it the next time she comes..and you should take photos too! :)

Calamity Jane's Cottage, Bonnie said...

Hi Jo, now that is a cute toy, don't you wish kids now-a-days played with toys that meant so much to them. What a treasure.

Sharon said...

What a cute toy your dad made.
How wonderful that you got the missing pieces remade.
Have a great day

Buttercup said...

Look forward to the pictures of Renee and Scottie. It is a balmy 36 degrees here and the sun is shining. Happy day in NYC!

Sybil said...

I was just about to say exactly what our dear Buttercup has said when I glnaced won;t repeat LOL sorry I missed reading this story the other day...
Love Sybil x