Monday, January 17, 2011

AccuGo a cutting I will be!!!!!

I was afraid to start using my new AccuQuilt Fabric cutter - but today I was brave! ! !   It wasn't all that hard.  In fact it was easy.  But I read through everything, and had a hard time deciding which cutting dye I wanted to use.  Ended up using the 3 1/2" finished triangle.  I had some fabric on hand, and cut a width of the fabric and accordian folded it.  I'm sure I'll hear or read about fabric saving tips as I use this more.  I ended up cutting many pieces of off white, dark red and green triangles.  Sewed up a few of the green and  light fabric.   So much fun.  I have so many ideas in my head of things I want to get made now!!!!!!!!!

Here - ready to roll through.  The first time I did it, it seemed kind of hard to roll it through.  But all worked well, and the material got cut. 

This was my first cut - lots of waste here.  Now that I cut some, I'll know better the next time I cut how to  lay the material.  I may cut some material to fit better, or make my folds smaller.  I was just too excited to get a bunch cut, so I could start sewing!!!!

Like this big square.  Now how many should I make up, and what should I end up making?
I had 2 or 3 patterns sitting out that I wanted to make, but now I'm not sure which one I'll use, if any.

My sister gave this for Christmas - What a wonderful gift.  She got me so many cutting dye too!!!!!!
Did this all on the kitchen table.  Think I need another table so I can leave it out open all the time.  Maybe I need to move my sewing area to the basement where there is room to do that.  Leave the ironing board up, the Accu Go cutter, and my three machines, plus another area to cut.  Boy, that idea is sounding better all the time.  We would have to get some better lighting fixed up.  I don't want to use the two bedrooms downstairs.  It's nice to have them ready for when the kids come home or other company comes.  The only negative thing is; I don't want to be so far away from everyone.  I don't hear if anyone is at the door when I'm downstairs.  But if I'm busy, who cares.  Friends know if I'd be home they could just walk in or come to the back door and holler in.  That I'd hear.   

As I get this project done, I'll show you more.
Have a great week everyone!    JoLynn


Growing Up A Country Girl said...

Sounds very cool - hey we have that extra TV you could hook up to cable and then you would be happy all day down there in your room! Can't wait to see what you make!

Buttercup said...

This looks great. Can't wait to see all the wonderful things that you will make. I'm hoping to clear some space in my bedroom -- it's not a big apartment -- and set up a craft table. I'd love to have all my card materials all set up.


Looks and sounds great ! Cant wait to see and hear all that you do with it !Have a good day !

Far Side of Fifty said...

Looks like a potholder to me! It looks like that cutter is way cool..if you move downstairs then you can leave all your stuff up all the time...or an extra table..but you really don't have room for that in your kitchen where you are cutting now..unless it is a small table. Happy Cutting! What a great gift!! :)

Sharon said...

That looks like a wonderful thing to have.
I can't wait to see what you come up with.
I like the idea of a separate room to leave your projects setting out all the time.
Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

What a great gift and looks like a lot of fun. When I sewed, I liked to leave everything out where I could just pick up where I left off. Keep us posted what you are making!