Sunday, January 9, 2011

January Cleaning!

I've been digging out more closets, and drawers since the holidays, and have been so busy at it that I haven't been anywhere to take pictures or hardly think about getting a blog written.  I seem to start in the morning in one room, and then a picture I find, or something else I find needs to be put in it's place, and then all of a sudden I'm multi-tasking, and have a couple of rooms tore apart!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday, I went through two boxes of pictures, and started putting in piles for the kids.  Now I really need to get to town and get some more picture boxes, so they have a home in the new box labeled for each kid - before I put them all back into the one box.  I thought I had some empty boxes, but don't.  I know you'd say, I should plan better; but just a minute.  This is a start!  I'm happy to make a mess, and then clean that up.

I've also been in the computer / sewing room.  Went through all the file drawers, and weaned stuff out, and like Far Side, shredded and tore up stuff.  I don't take pictures of me or my mess.  That would be too funny!  Have all the stuff ready for Steve to get together tax information.  Then I've also found homes for dozens of patterns and recipes that were laying around.  I have a bad habit of  making a copy of a recipe if I think I want to try it, or a free pattern for quilting or crocheting or knitting, etc. etc. 

Started in the bathroom tonight.  Emptied drawers onto the floor, threw all the combs into the sink and soaked them in Amonia and shampoo water, and then with an old tooth brush cleaned all the combs and brushes.  That is always so refeshing to use a new and very clean comb.  I do that every couple of months.
Went through all the stuff on the floor, and got rid of old make-up, and facial creams, etc.  Had cleaned out the towel cabinet last week, so that room is done.  Way to go Jo!

You'd think it was spring and I was spring cleaning!?!?!  Well, I'm going to keep going, so I won't have to do a lot of cleaning later when I want to be outside.

I even have material on my cutting table (kitcken table) to make some new hot pads and have a quilt I want to start, but need to go buy material for that.  Steve has been watching John Wayne movies all weekend, plus switching to football, so TV has no interest for me except to sit and rest awhile from cleaning.  I need to go to the neighbors tomorrow and clean for him and take down all the Christmas decorations.  But maybe I'll be able to get to town tomorrow, or if not, I have a dentist appointment on Tuesday and bell practice, so it makes more sense to wait until Tuesday to do my errands all on one day.  Then on Wednesday we have birthday cake for a neighbor at the house I clean at.  Dave is planning it all and having it at his house.  I'm making an Angel Food cake and bringing that and strawberries.  So we'll be there for an hour or so on Wednesday afternoon. 

Now that takes care of half of the week.  What do you all have planned.  I also need to fit in a daily walk, which Odda and I have been doing.  She is loving her walks again.  I went for awhile without taking her on a daily walk, and she really does need a good walk.  Of course she has the run of the farm, and her and Hooch play and follow Steve around.  Hope it is a little warmer out tomorrow.  This morning we had -20 below F.  Too cold, but the sun did warm it up to about 13 above zero today. 

Hope you all have a great week.  I think I'll have another busy one.  jo

So my week is already pla


In the Heart of Happy said...

I got tired just reading that list!!! I am going to weather forecast this snow/ice event on the East Coast, make 14 million wine cozies for a local wine shop, work on a quilt that is to be a Christmas present NEXT year, do some major cooking and baking, shot some photos, and wear my Uggs...alot.

Have a great time and save me some of that cake. Mmmmmm.

Rae said...

That is how I clean. One thing leads to another and before you know it, I have the whole darn house involved in what started out to be a one room project. No big events for me this week though.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who starts in one room and ends up in another cleaning! Way down here in the south, we are covered in snow this a.m. Looks like I'll have lots of down time to clean and organize just like you. Can't wait for you to share your sewing projects.


Yup I will start all the soon ! Have a great day !

misslynda said...

I agree with not taking pictures when you clean. There must be something in the air because I went after the bathroom cabinets and drawers last weekend - - and under the kitchen sink the weekend before. It feels great when it's done! Now if someone would do the cooking while we clean . . . . . what a reward and perfect day that might be!

Far Side of Fifty said...

I am still rooting around discarding old project at a time. I still need to make a list to keep on track. It must be something in the air..or maybe it is just too cold to go out..have fun! :)

Darcie said...

Strange! I have been in the same, emptying, purging...whatever you call it. It always feels so good to go through and do a deep clean. I however...need to get out and take a walk...need some fresh air!

Sharon said...

I also had the clean bug. I worked on my closet but not easy with only one arm that works right now.
It is so cold here, wish I could afford to move somewhere warmer.
Have a great day.

Sybil said...

I am exhausted just reading about all you have managed to get done good on you...
Keep smiling and whatever KEEP WARM..
Love Sybil xx

shannon i olson said...

wow busy girl! I can't wait to be well enough for some good cleaning, right now making the bed and a load of laundry is as far as it gets!
I have to say...I have never washed combs. Shame!
My grandma used to pull every dish she owned out of the cupboards and bleach them, twice a year. Maybe if I started that I wouldn't be such a dishaholic. ;) have a wonderful productive week!

Anonymous said...

You busy, busy person...Good for you!
Like the others, I need to rest just reading what you have done and what your plans are.
You have a good it now and enjoy the spring and summer outside and let the house take care of itself. wtg, Jo! gn and v