Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Evening Visitors!

Had a very busy weekend with company staying and a wedding shower to attend on Saturday, also a prom grand march to watch our granddaughter and her date on Saturday evening. On Sunday after company left, I spent time with the dogs, as they had been all but forgotten on Saturday and early Sunday.

Tonight while we were watching tv, Hooch was sitting looking out the window, and we had 3 deer in the yard. The deer would chew on new grass, and look expectingly at the house, waiting to see when dogs would appear! You could tell they were a little nervous. Our dogs usually keep the deer out of the yard, but the deer must know when the dogs are inside!
This is one of the three.  There is a doe with her two off spring from last year.  This is one of the yearlings.

She looks like she came through the winter just fine!

I took this picture from my bedroom window.  Then she went over to the apple tree there and tried to nibble on the new buds!  Soon after she turned and went back across the road into the woods.

Oh - I need to put in a picture of Amanda from the other night.  They looked so nice all dressed up!
I haven't talked to her yet, but hope that she had a good time. 

During the Grand March at the Prom.

My package came the other day from Karen at SewManyWays.  She sent me a quilting magazine that I didn't have, and I have had my face stuck in it every free moment.  Lots of things I want to make, especially a quilt pattern that is shown in that one.  Also got a sewing necklace, (will take a picture for you).  Thanks Karen.  This was the first time I've won a give away.  Now I'm going to get a few things together to do one.


City girl turned Country Girl said...

Isn't it just the greatest feeling to look out your window and see such beautiful wildlife so close!! Amanda looked just beautiful for prom!!

Darcie said...

Amanda looked so pretty...I am sure you are a proud Grandma!

We use to get deer in our yard too, but construction...and DOGS ran them off. :-(

Far Side of Fifty said...

Those pesky tic carrying deer:(
Amanda looked just beautiful, I noticed her corsage..cute!! I love her red dress!! Did you do her nails??
Whatcha gonna give away?? :)