Thursday, May 27, 2010

Giveaways Have Been Mailed!

Jessica's package includes a book from one of Minnesota's favorite authors, entertainer on PBS with his "Prairie Home Companion" show, Garrison Keillor; two little signs, napkins, hot pads, a pin cushion and the white box is the surprise box - from our local candy store, with a fresh assortment of chocolates!  They are so yummy!  You should get this package any day now Jessica! 

Here's Sandy's package.  Also a book, Chichen Soup for the Gardener, napkins, hot pads, a pin cushion, two little signs, and instead of candy, a bundle of fat quarters for quilting.   Hope you enjoy this Sandy.  You should be getting this any day!  Love the sign "Gardening - A way of showing that you believe in tomorrow".

I've registered for so many giveaways; but this was more fun.  Planning on what to give to blogger friends is like shopping for the holidays!  I do like to shop!  Can't wait for fall to do another giveaway then. 

1 comment:

Country Whispers said...

Got mine already! Thank You!
I would have to agree that receiving is always fun but I think I enjoy giving away even more. I'm on the hunt for some items for a giveaway!
(Hopefully soon!)