Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Renee at 10 months

Renee at 10 months
Got this picture for Mother's Day - see her two front teeth.  Jessica has talked about her teeth for awhile now, but this is the first we've seen them.  Even when we webcam, she didn't cooperate with showing us her teeth!  Love this picture.  Seems like she changes with each picture.  Big blue eyes, but her hair is getting darker. 

Here she is trying to figure out the card she and Mommy got this Grandma!

She really is drooling (spell?) - more teeth must be coming!   Amazing all the things she is learning.  She is really studying this card!

I'm kind of at a stall on blogging.  With all this rainy weather I haven't been outside to take pictures and the dogs don't cooperate as photogenic objects.  So everything seems so boring.  I've been busy making some more of the beaded childrens socks (like Renee has on above) for gifts.  Sit and crochet them onto socks as we watch TV in the evenings.  I've finished up some more pin cushions, but just haven't been in the mood to get into my quilting like I need too.  Did weed in my flower garden the other day in between rains.  I have cleaned out a couple of closets.  Leah was over the other night to get a blow up mattress for when Blake comes home.  When we opened up the closet - stuff fell out!!   So then after she left yesterday, I dug into that closet.  How embarrassing!  Now no one will need something out of there, until we've piled more stuff in!  Ain't that the way it goes!



Betty said...

She is sooo cute! Love the little teeth. :)
I can tell you´re very proud of her.

Anonymous said...

Renee is a beautiful baby! I have a great niece about the same age and it is amazing to see how quickly they learn new things, isn't it? The beaded socks you make are darling. I know you treasure Renee's sweet framed picture and the card for Mother's Day. Hope you have a good day.

Far Side of Fifty said...

She is so cute! It won't be long and it will be July and you will see her again! Cleaning Closets..hmm..find any good stuff? All the rain really sucks..I am ready for the sun to shine again:(

Rae said...

What a little princess. She is adorable. The little socks you made are so cute. We have had rain the last three days and are expecting four more days of it. I am sick of it too.

gayle said...

She sure is a cutie!! I need to get busy and get closets done!!

Country Whispers said...

She sure is growing and those teeth are adorable when she smiles.
I'm in that same slump with blogging. Nothing interesting to write about plus we are super busy with school so just not a lot of time.