Thursday, May 20, 2010


Guinea chickens - at the goat farm.  They sure made a lot of noise.  Good watch hens!
Din't notice the rooster until we were driving out, so didn't get a picture of him.  He was beautiful.
These hens look kinda like me - bottom heavy!  lol

Wish I had a yard of these today, since the sun has come out after our rain - we have bugs!  One good reason to have these hens out and about eating all the bugs.

Today I had to go to the dentist to have one of my crowns pulled off, and work done to a cavity that had started in the root area.  I was dreading this appointment and just had not wanted to go.  Was in a sweating tissy over it last night, but took 3 advil a couple of hours before my appointment, and I think that and the novacane helped.  Took more advil when I got home.  I think I should try putting ear plugs in my ears so I don't have to listen to the drill.  I did see that she had earphones for a sound system.  Maybe I should ask to use that next time.  Now I have a temp crown and wait 2+ weeks for a new crown to come in.  Wish I had all the money that I've spent on my mouth.    My gums have bled since I was a kid, and even with using special mouthwash, flossing, etc. they don't improve.  I wonder when I should just give up, let the teeth go really bad and get them pulled.  But I don't like that thought either.   Bet I'm not alone on "not liking visits to the dentist".

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Cyndi said...

I wish we could have chickens where we live...but unfortunately our "city" frowns on it! I grew up with chickens and just love having them around.

I'm with you...hate to go to the dentist, but it is a necessity. I have an appointment coming up myself.

Have a great evening!



Growing Up A Country Girl said...

Those hens are interesting -- I'm happy they don't migrate North... Ha!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Those Guineas are something else, my Grandfather had them..I always thought they looked like old lady hens with tiny top hats. Guineas never wander..they stay where they hatch..a real stay at home bird!
Oh I hate the dentist fun for you:(

City girl turned Country Girl said...

Guineas are pretty popular around here! I think the biggest complaint I've heard is the pooping mess they leave LOL!!! Well you can count me in on the *don't like the dentist list*!! I HATE going to the dentist! I have terrible teeth! Which is sad because I take better care of mine than anyone I know! Genetics I tell ya!

Country Whispers said...

Going to the dentists office is the most dreaded trip of all. You'll have to try the headphones next time.. I hear they work wonders.

Rae said...

Wow. Those are some really interesting hens. I have never seen them before.
Glad to hear you survived the dentist. I hate going there too. I get myself worked up into a mess before an appointment. I realize it is an irrational fear, but I can't help it.