Wednesday, May 19, 2010

They're at it again!

Yup! Finally Mike (married to our neice) came over to frame for the cement pour.  Cement is ordered and will be be here at 7 am on Friday!   Excited that more is starting to happen with the garage building!  Here are a couple of pictures of Steve and Mike working today.  It got hot here today. The last I checked it was 79 degrees Farenheit.  So maybe it turned 80, but I'm not sure.  There was a nice breeze today, and if there would not have been a breeze, it really would have been hot.  Of course, we do not know hot, as those in southern states know hot!!   But after a long winter, and a couple of rainy weeks,  it was a wonderfully nice day.
Here Mike is squaring up the corner.  Odda is coming over to check things out!  Now she can't dig in the sand any more!!!!!

They didn't get it completely framed, but will finish that tomorrow and  they will finish leveling the sand and put in the rebar for stabilizing the cement.  Steve says this is called a floating floor.  There is like a ditch on the inside of the wood frame that will be the base for the walls.  Of course, I'll do more pictures as things proceed.  I'm glad that work is starting again.  Weather got in the way - but that happens to all contractors.  Just get started on something and weather can put you back a couple of weeks real easy.  Then than screws up your scheduled jobs that are waiting for you to get their jobs started.
Monday we visited the neighbors goat farm again.  Gene and Connie went with us.  Connie was still in her jamies when we got there!  She really hadn't been up very long.   I had rhubarb left over dessert - so we all ate that for breakfast before going to the other neighbors farm.  Those goat babies are so o o o  cute!
Nathan showing Steve some of the moma's.  They are all so friendly, and want to be petted.
Remember the two baby pigs that Trish bottle fed.  They are now in the great outdoors (yes with shelter), and this one was snuggled down in straw, just peeking out at us!  Cute!  That goats milk sure works good when piggy moma didn't.

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Oh - Do you want to see something really cute!?!?!    Stop over at my other daughters blog to see granddaughter Renee's short video!!  It's so cute:  Feelin the Wind .  She isn't walking yet, so gets a little unsteady.  Wish they lived closer!


Growing Up A Country Girl said...

Yeahhhh on the garage... and the goats (I love them) and that pig is the cutest! Looking for a pig in the haystack or pig in a blanket! -- We are getting quite a few comments for the giveaways --- what fun!

Anonymous said...

Those goats and the pig are really cute!

Your weather looks perfect for the prep work on the garage. I'm glad to see Odda is overseeing all the details!

City girl turned Country Girl said...

That's awesome that they are making progress on the garage!! Glad you guys are having nice weather! We've been kind of stuck in a monsoon like weather the last couple of weeks LOL!!

Rae said...

It's hard to believe your temperatures are warmer than ours. We have barely been above 60 degrees for the past week.
The goats are cute, but I like the pig lounging in the straw the best. I can't believe how much it has grown.
Renee's video is sweet. Won't be long before grandma's girl is toddling everywhere. I like their black lab too.

Cyndi said...

Isn't it great when progress happens, especially on something you're awaiting anxiously - like a garage! Those goats (both mamas and babies) are soooo cute! I love goats and want one so badly. My SIL is thinking of getting some for their farm and my nephew said to her, "Mom, if you get goats Aunt Cyndi will be over here every day!" LOL!!! Wonder if he said it like that was a bad thing? :o)



Country Whispers said...

That pig almost is hidden in that straw.
Hope the weather stays nice enough for you guys to get the cement poured.

Window On The Prairie said...

The pig in the straw is so cuuuute!

Betty said...

I´m sure it´s hard to not have your granddaughter closer by.
Looking good with building the garage!

Far Side of Fifty said...

The garage is looking good..the visit to the goat farm was so much fun..I love goats..maybe you should raise some! :)

~Tonya said...

It sure is coming right along! Such sweet goats and baby piggies. I love animals, just don't want any extra to take care of LOL

Have a great weekend.